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As one who (admittedly) listens to secular music, I am okay with the fact that Jewish singers use secular tunes to Jewish themes and even pesukim from tanach. However, there are some songs in the mainstream secular music scene that are about as shmutzik as they come, songs that even non-Jews cringe when they hear it and don’t let their kids listen to it, that are being sung by top Jewish singers today. Of course they don’t use the song itself, but they work it into their intros, throw a few notes into the actual song, borrow some lyrics and change love of person to love of Hashem… I was at a wedding the other day and blushed when i heard the intro of a certain song being played. Immediately (and probably inadvertently) the crowd began moving in a way that was not becoming of them. So even people who don’t know the origin of the song (and it’s filthy, filthy lyrics) seemed to be affected by it. So singers, go ahead, keep on using secular music but please keep it rated PG.