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Philosopher said,

“The tribal priest chants incessantly under the dark sky next to the altar, where a bound maiden will soon be sacrificed to appease the gods. And then in a low voice the priest tells the barbarian pagans of the secret that was passed down by his forfathers about the “sun god” that brought the people to Mexico.”

…and according to you why would they would beleive him? They should have said “wait a minute if this happened why didnt my father tell me about it”.

You seem to be assuming that the ancient Native Americans were less intelligent then Ancient people from Mespotamia. Do you have any reason or evidence to beleive this was the case?

“The Aztecs crumbled precisely because they had no real faith because their religion was not the truth. The Jews have survived and persevered with their faith even though they have gone through what the Aztecs did hundreds of times over.”

It would seem from looking at the history of what happnend that the Aztecs crumbled because they were KILLED OUT by the Spanish, other Indian tribes that helped the Spanish and diseases that were brought over on the boats from Europe. If you have any evidence that they abandoned their beleifs because simply because they stopped beleiving please post it. If anything it would seem from the fact that they spent so much time building temples and other religous actions that they took their religion quite seriously.