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I can relate to this as I am currently off the derech, while there are a coupld of other factors including abuse, one of the mains things was the menahel of my seminary I was kicked out for no good reason, well his reasons were I had asthma, I told people I was molested and I had a boyfriend, he told me that I was a abd onfluence on girls which was so not true, in the end he wrote my parents a letter that I was overdosing on drugs which was far from true and I was kicked out. Until than I had had my issues but was a good girl, t was only after i got kicked out and everyone assumed I was doing wrong things that I started really going crazy, drugs, alcohol, guys, you name it i did. I am still off the derech but am trying not with much succsess to cope, so I feel for the kids who are in my position and I just wish people would only use their power to do positive things

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Quite strange…here is a quote from none other than yourself in the “Is The a Drug Problem In The Frum World”:

“I am 18 and went off the derech for a little, and I used pot twice (marijuana) but I entered a world I never knew exsisted, I knew frum people used drugs but never realized how many people use it and in what large quantitied its used and how easily they can be obtained. i was offered other things but never used them”

You have written some other conflicting comments……..

Please stick your story.