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I used to be in the same boat as you and realized that my Rabbeim arent answering the questions. I am of the opinion that many dont know the answers or dont know it well enough to explain it. So what did I do?

I started reading. There are hundreds of books and sefarim out there that deal with all the questions that people have on Judaism. Read Rabbi Aryeh Kaplans books. He will clear up a lot of the murkiness for you. You can also go to websites like which have hundreds of articles geared specifically for all the questions that people have on judaism. I guarantee that if you read up on the articles on and listen to some of the free audio they offer you will have a much better understanding of Judaism.

Theres a great book that I think everyone should read. Its a life changing book and will alter the way you view Judaism and life.

The book is called What The Angel Taught You seven keys to life fulfillment by Rabbi Noah Weinberg and Yakov Salomon. Give it a thorough read. Its well worth it.