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Philosopher- “My point was that just as you apply the halachos of dan l’kaf zchus for those who have mental disease and go OTD, let’s also apply those halachas to the girls in your story and then nobody takes the blame for anything anymore.”

Let me repeat what I wrote back then -Some people who go OTD do so because of mental illness; some of this mental illness can be classified as a person who has a din of shoitah. They don’t have to be non-functioning to be in this class. I never said you have to dan every mentally ill person l’caf zecus. If you dan these girls l’caf zecus- all you can do is make it not a Maizid, but it’s still a Shogegg!

“Obviously the younger kids are, the less they can behave in the proper manner as they are not developed enough to make proper decisions. I’m not saying it never happens when the sudents are older either, but generally, frum students are better behaved than public school students.”

We all know that children only have a Yetzer Horah, but that is the purpose of Chinuch. This was obviously a breakdown in the chinuch of these girls. Now, whom to blame for this breakdown? Let’s see -it’s either the Rebbeyim/teachers or the parents, but certainly not the girls.