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Mr. Mod80:

Bemechilas Kevodcha of your Modness, my rav specificly holds that if you do a melacha that is not visible and has no effect, then it is not a melacha.

For example, if you have refrigerator that has a light bulb, but you unscrew the lightbulb, or put in a dead lightbulb, then you may open it, even though you are “completing the circuit”.

In addition, one may also apen a door that causes the alarm light to go on if that light is not visible, i.e. you placed the light behind the sheetrock.

Not to argue with the point (that building the circuit would be the melacha), but the example.

It then begins to get interesting when you start to deal with wireless charging pads. Since no circuit is built, the Chazon Ish would hold it is not a melacha. (there still would be other issues, such as Uvda D’Chol (a catch-all), ask your LOR).