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The Shulchan Aruch and the Mishneh Berurah, among others, pasken that women are required to recite the Shemoneh Esrei every day. I’ve seen one Acharon — the Magen Avraham — who disagrees.

That said, I (a guy) can relate to the difficulty of prayer — and I absolutely LOVE the Jewish prayers. Getting to minyan helps, particularly in the morning, when praying in a sanctified space helps me to focus; on the rare days when I can’t make it to minyan such as when I am traveling I very often find it very difficult to concentrate and often find myself procrastinating with my prayers almost to sof zman. Personally I prefer the Metsudah siddur because the line breaks are in meaningful spots and it is easy to see how the Hebrew translates into English.

All the best to all for increased connection to our Creator!