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I think this question is outside the realm of a thread. There are a lot of important factors that need to be taken into account.

For one thing I’ve heard of people who got a “kibud av diploma” just for the sake of their parents and then went back to full time learning.

On the other hand R’ Shach said (in an English book on his ma’amrim or something like that) to a yungerman that was having trouble with parnassah and decided to go out to work. He found though that working wasn’t netting him more money as he had more bills. R’ Shach said to him that a person who sits and learns all day is not within the bounds of natural law and his parnassah comes straight from Hashem but once he stopped learning to work he put himself under derech hatevah. This is like the Mishnah in Avos 3:5.

So I think each case needs to be spoken over with a rav who can guide a person and support him in regards to his parents.