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“someone posted that after a few years the wife gets burnt out and can’t tell her husband she doesn’t want that way of life. i know this is on another tangent but- Hello! A wife should be able and comfortable to communicate with her husband her true and honest feelings!!!”

That would be the ideal situation, BUT – the problem is that girls are indoctrinated in yeshivah and seminary with the idea of men’s fulltime learning as THE ONLY proper way of life. They fear being ostracized by their community if they were to actually express the radical thought that they are burnt out and not happy campers with this deal that really benefits the husband more than anyone else. It surely does not benefit the children they are having each year, with no mommy at home to take care of them. I apologize if I am offending anyone,but I have always felt and always will feel, that a woman’s primary responsibility is to her children, to be physically present for them at home, except in circumstances that are beyond her control, i.e, not having an able-bodies husband who can earn the parnassah.