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1] Come on now, simply translate what you are reading. You have quoted many ma’amarei chazal in the coffee room already. You seem smart enough to translate:


Yom Rishon- The first day

Bashabbos- of the week

Shebo- That on it

Hayu- They were

Halevi’im- The Levi’im

Omrim- Said

Shir- Song

B’bais Hamikdash- In the Mikdash

2] It’s a mishnah which reviews the weekly portions of shira.

3] Everyone has their own thoughts. Some think about whether the line at the Dunkin Donuts drive through window will be too long, some think can’t the chazzan speed up a little bit, some imagine the levi’im singing in the mikdash and begin to harmonize with them, some are busy wrapping up their tefillin and have a foot out the door. You get the point. Whatever floats your boat!