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Helpful – by Badatz Shearis Yisrael; they are a respected Beis Din & Hasgocha in Bney Brak, relied on by almost everyone. It was founded by R’ Schach z”tl.

Also, R’ Yisrael Belsky and many American Rabbonim disagreed with the entire psak, even if the hair was from an Indian temple.

As far as that specific Race – the Rabbonim of Lakewood made the decision to disagree with R’ Malkiel & R’ Aharon Leib , which they are perfectly entitled to do. Respectful, even passionate debate is fine. But they – are Talmidey Chachamim; they possess Daas Torah. Daas Torah may argue on Daas Torah. They have creds.

And not listening to Daas Torah is a nisayon we all have; screaming from the rooftops (and on TV) is a whole new category.

And health, to quote a certain intelligent frum politician, I will not join you in the gutter either. If your direction at this point are personal attacks, I don’t think we have more to discuss. Which is convenient, hence you can chalk up a victory when facts fail you.

But, as Yehudah Levin has learned the hard, ultimately, you just end looking silly, and the intelligent calm people end up making decisions that effect our lives, and you end up on TV.