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Health I think you and I are on different pages regarding the subject of Health Care. What I do not understand as someone who received a Medical degree and whose source of parnossa is in the Health Field can justify the selling of Tobacco Products (the subject matter of other threads on YWN.) as being ok after all Pharmacies are just trying to make a profit Had you written on your post if you would like to look at the PDR. to see what the health warning or risks associating with using a particular Phameceutical Drug I would have respected your answer. However for myself as an informed consumer to purchase the Drug at face value whether it be an ointment or a tablet without checking out the source is pretty sad for me not to do so. Just Google Amazon Books on the Title the PDR of Prescription and Non Prescription Drugs (thank goodness there is at least one Title hopefully more). Health I know you are not a Phamacist, but I thought you would be ble to emphasize what I wrote. Not one bit this so why I think you and I are not on the same Page.