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SjS: Yes, many Non Jews may live happily fulfilled lives as they derive fulfillment from choosing good over evil in the bein adam l’cheveiro/social part of their lives. However, aside from their belief in God, they hardly lead spiritual lives, and definitely don’t feel connection to God on a daily basis. This is because most Non Jews don’t have at all any concept of Good/Evil in the bein adam l’makom area of human life. And, even the religious Non jews who do believe/understand that certain acts are immoral, they still don’t believe that by the virtual act of refraining from certain acts, a person connects himself with God/gets rewarded in Heaven for it; so therefore they don’t derive any feelings of elevation from that act, which is the core of the motivation and feelings of spiritual fulfillment that drive us Frum Jews throughout our lives.

If you were a man, and if you would have a deeper understanding in Judaism; then Yes, you would understand very well that looking at immoral images and then acting upon them/doing a certain forbidden act, definitely exacts a toll on the individual’s motivation/yearning for spiritual fulfillment that us Frum Jews are accustomed to needinf to fulfill in our lives. I take it that you are a women, and that you don’t understand well the concept that Segregation stands at the core of psyche of a man feeling spiritual and connected to God!