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Mogold, at your service. Yes, I did peruse his writings. As fa as NO ONE refuted them goes, did you notice that all the other Gedolim did not hold like that?

As far as examples go, he wrote that Chazal held that it is better to cause the death of hundred of thousands of frume Yidden but not to have even a frum medina before bias ha’Goel. His proof for that is a gemora in Sanhedrin, which says that when Chachomim saw that Bar Kochba was a false Messia, they killed him. And that’s why the Naturei Karta went to Iran to mechazek Achmenajad. Obviously, it is not a raya to justify such a p’sak, and the Satmar Rebbe must have khown it himself.

LmKA, Bar Kochba and his soldiers were frum.