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the story is: i live in a yeshiva neighborhood (my husband learns there and all neighbors are affiliated with the yeshiva). we have bachrim over every couple weeks and i would like to invite over some other young kollel couples that live nearby. i asked one and she said her husband never would go for it. so before i ask oters and possibly brand myself as “off the derech” i wanted to see if anyone knows anything about it.

My husband is ok with having couples over but he did tell me that those that take issue with it are right to. he said that things have gotten worse over the years and thats why in the recent years there are no yeshivish mixed seating weddings anymore and that the mechitza in the yeshiva was changed from a seperating wall to one where you cant see over.

i can understand why people say no because tey think its a tznius issue for the husband to be around other people’s wives, but what i really don’t get is why that changes as you get older and also why its ok to have bachrim over- i mean your wife is there!!