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Shticky guy; (OP); You took the words right out of my keyboard, in your latest post. I was beginning to wonder if people are going to post their stories of Hashgacha Pratis or it will deteriorate into a boxing match by people showing off their ego. So here goes my story of Hashgacha Pratis or, “Giluy Eliyahu”. On a Friday afternoon we were on the way to Monsey (from Brooklyn) to join in a family simcha. Soon after starting on the Palisades Parkway my car had a flat tire. I pulled over on the shoulder and started jacking up the car. But I had tremendous difficulty with loosening the lugs. I started wondering if we’ll make it in time for Shabbos, with an Hour and Twenty Minutes remaining. I was Mispallel to Hashem for help. Soon, a car pulled over. A gentleman comes out, all dressed for Shabbos. He got to work on the tire with such ease and speed. He didn’t even let me take out the spare. Within five Minutes, the job was done. When I asked him for his name (after thanking him) he gave me a very uncommon last name and he said he lives in Haverstraw. ???? ?? ??? ????. Naturally, we arrived ?”? at our destination with plenty of time to spare. Ever since, I’ve been looking in directories of the entire area. I didn’t find anyone by that name. So I concluded, it must have been Eliyahu Hanavi. In Zchus of Shabbos.