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Obama should get his head out of the Arab nations you know what and start concentrating on his own country!!! That’s for starters! Then he should realize that you have to back up the money you print and spend. YOU CAN’T KEEP SPENDING MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE!!! Even a kid knows that. Who gave him the keys to the bank! No you can’t keep extending unemployment! Who is going to pay for it? And yes, people can’t afford to go back to work if they are collecting a paycheck from Uncle Sam oops Uncle Barack. Just like the welfare mess. People on welfare even though many would like to feel good about themselves and be a better role model for their families just can’t afford to get off of welfare because there is no middle road in the system that allows anyone to ease back into reality. You either sponge off the taxpayers and government or you try to go back to work and realize you can’t make as much as you do sponging off the government. Can’t there be a sliding scale so people can go back to work and get some assistance until they are making enough to stand on their own? At least they will be taking less and less as they start making more and more! Every able bodied citizen on welfare should be allowed to work and get assistance from the government to provide for their families. As they do better they should get less assistance till they are completely weaned off.

The way it works now everyone who gets on the program is forced to stay on for life! And as long as Obama keeps extending unemployment people are willing to sit back and collect it without attempting to go back into the workforce. And who gets to pay for it in the end? Those who are working as the taxes go up and up when they try to bring down the deficit. So how is that fair?