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Shticky Guy; This (The example that you cite.) is a classic. There are many more instances and circumstances where non-Jews wear a Yarmulka. I read somewhere that during “Prohibition”, where an exemption was given to buy wine, on religious grounds, many non-Jews donned Yarmulkas and even went so far as to change their last names to Jewish sounding ones, in order to buy alcoholic drinks. But a personal story of Kiddush Hashem goes as follows; On a Friday afternoon I entered a Spanish Bodega (really, a redundancy.) to buy a small item (Shoe Polish?). I handed the lady at the counter a $5 Dollar bill. When I looked at the change –after leaving the store– I noticed that I had $13 Dollars. I returned to the store and gave the extra change back. Upon that the store clerk said. “Only a Jewish person would return the extra change. One of us would never do that”. IMHO this was a “Shtickle” Kiddush Hashem.