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Good for you! It’s good to see someone who knows how to put prevention first.

GET A DETECTOR! People die from carbon monoxide poisoning far too often. The detectors work, if you get a good one and follow the instructions carefully.

A. Don’t use your gas stove or oven for heating.

B. Don’t use kerosene heaters or similar types of heaters, or charcoal braziers in the house.

(If you’re old enoough to remember those kersone heaters they had in Israel – mine nearly killed me. My room-mate closed the window and left it to burn out. Nearly killed both uf us, come to think of it.)

C. Call your local fire department or check their website to get information.

D. If you have gas or oil heat, make sure that the system has been checked by a professional and that all the filters, etc. are working.

E. Check for all fire hazards – some materials will smoulder and give off carbon monoxide.