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I meant no offence I was only posting that you 3 guys make the best threads when you argue”

Thanks – I think…

I mamesh don’t seek to argue with anyone. I simply oppose the type of small-mindedness that comes in the guise of frumkeit, particularly when anyone who views himself as “frummer than thou” makes insulting, hurtful,ignorant, and offensive remarks to other people. I don’t care WHO it is. It is time for certain types of people to accept the reality that we are ALL frum Jews, even when our styles are a little different. As long as we follow the same Torah that they do, it does not matter if the hat brim is up or down, or if we even wear a hat. If we go to the Mikveh every month, it does not matter if we wear short sleeved shirts with long sleeved shirts underneath them. If we are Shomrei Shabbos and Kashrus, who CARES if we sit mixed at a simcha? And if we choose to marry men who earn a living AND learn Torah every day, KOL HAKAVOD! There are so many things Hashem really wants us to do that we are NOT doing properly (like refraining from the Loshon Hara that often appears in the CR), that it behooves us to take notice of what is lacking in OURSELVES and not in other people. That’s all I wanted to say.