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yes, it is priceless to raise your children alone, but nothing compares to a house of torah…

bjjkid, this woman wants to stay home with her kids. Why should anyone tell her not to? A working husband doesn’t mean a house devoid of Torah.

BalabustaWoman, there are very yeshivish men out there who want to fulfill the obligation of their ketubah. Its harder to find, but doable. She may have to “settle” on someone who on the external is slightly less Yeshivish, but just as observant. I am not an expert on the levels of yeshivishness.

I recommend she do some research into yeshivas that allow a college or post-secondary education. Or someone who’s father owns a business and will take him in to the business.

Also, she should get some sort of education/job path lined up, as you never know what happens in life. My father died when I was young and my mother’s job saved our family’s life.

Hatzlacha to her! May she get what she wants and be happy, healthy and at peace.