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The dating question is different for divorce than it is for the loss of a spouse, obviously but still one really needs to take a din v’chesbon of the situation and understand what they are doing.

As SJS said, are the children prepared for this next step? This is a very important question, and NO you don’t have a right to get on with your life UNTIL you make sure your children are ready. They did not have a say in your decision to divorce and they are not at fault with what went wrong in your marriage. But THEY are your first priority and your first obligation so make sure they are stable and secure before you go and bring a stranger into their lives.

Secondly, understand why you are considering dating. Are YOU really ready for this next step whether it is 6 months down the line or whenever? Are you doing this for YOU or are you doing this to get back at your EX? That is also an important question. If you are truly ready to find someone to share your life with and move on and the kids are ok with it, go ahead. If you are doing it for the wrong reasons you are going to wind up hurting others and hurting yourself in the process.