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Real Brisker, APY and working Bubby (who knows a barber that knows Halacha.) Either we should have the Rabbonim come out with a Kol-Koreh (With all the politically-correct signatures.), requiring all the barber shops to hire Mashgichim temidiim, or hiring barbers with Smicha. (who know all the Shitas Harishonim v’Gedolai Ha’Achronim about the Shiur, (Including the Brisker) of Payos. There’s only one possible problem (with hiring barbers who have S’micha). That if someone has a Shaila about pots and pans they will run to the nearest barber shop. But the Rav/haircutter will be busy giving someone a haircut. Eventually, Din-Torahs will be held in Barber Shops. As well as Siddur Kiddushin and Gittin.