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m in Israel

As has been said already — always tell your kids what to expect, and never “sneak away”. That being said, don’t overdo the explanations due to your own anxiety, as the kids will pick up on that. Just be matter of fact and excited, and they’ll be fine.

estherhamalka — Every couple is different and has different needs. I have never left my kids for a week long vacation — my husband and I usually do the “date night” thing — but I can understand those who do it – and certainly don’t see anything wrong! I find it interesting that you started the thread complaining about midwinter vacation. You are upset that you have to deal with your kids needs for one week. When it comes to winter vacation, why don’t you also feel that “These are your kids. All they have is you. They didn’t ask to be born. You chose to have them . . Hashem gave you treasures and you are willing to just let go of them for a few days for your own selfish reasons?” It is not the job of the schools to entertain or babysit your kids — they are your kids! But you are upset at the idea of having to deal with them during their vacation — don’t begrudge other people what they need!