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Mike-the kids can stay at savtas,that’s not the problem. The problem occurs when parents leave their kids at savtas for an extended amount of time. Of course savta is the best babysitter in the world. But savta is not mommy. And kids need to be home with mommy. And daddy. Yes, I do look down on people who abandon their kids to the grandparents. It botheres me.I don’t think I’m off base. I think I’m actually very on base. I take my child rearing very seriously. No I’m not perfect,but i do the best I can. And going away without my kids is not doing the best you can. Sorry. No way. If husband and wife need to reconnect,they can go out for an evening. If that’s not enough then a night alone is more then enough. A week is way too much. Imagine your wife told you,mike.I’m going away for a week so I can recharge…would that seem fair to you?she will argue that she needs time away from you so she can get reenergized and be a better wife when she comes home, would you accept that? I think it’s ludicrous. You want to recharge then you shouldn’t have had so many children so fast and so close together. We are not in a contest or a race. The kids you had dint have t suffer being left at savtas cuz mom and dad are so over worked and over tired from them. I repeat- you had them,they didn’t ask to be born. Now do what you have to do. For shame.