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Shevy- if I were you I really wouldn’t flaunt that you extended your selfish vacation for more nights. It just shows what a “great” mom you are. How can you be so selfish?? I don’t understand. How dare you leave your young innocent kids? It would be a different story if they were like 15…at least they know what’s coming. Here a 4,3and 2 yr old have no idea where mommy and daddy are,they will be crying and miserable and you and hubby will be out around town galavanting or tanning or whatever it is that you will be doing…how can you enjoy yourself?? Where is your responsibility and your morals?! Maybe you shouldn’t have had your kids so close together and then you wouldn’t be so chalishing to go away.sure they will brpe happy to see Bubby and zaidy,for an hour or a day….after that they WILL want to go home. How dare you scar your kids emotional well being for a few days of lone time? It’s people like you that give mothers a bad rap…if I knew who you were I would call child protective services…wherever you live doesn’t have enough of an outlet for you and hubby to go to for a little bit?I just don’t get it….how selfish can people be? And I said that iwas done and I said my price but since I see that it didn’t make any difference I just had to speak up yet afpgain..

And sleep away camp is a totally different ball game. I am only now considering it for my almost 14 yr old who has never slept anywhere except home for those 14 years. No sleepovers at friends,nothing. Home. That is where Rav Avigdor Miller AH said kids and parents need to be. He did not hold with sleeping out at all. Not the children and CERTAINLY not the PARENTS who should be at home manning the fort that they built.