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Am I the only person who thinks that this post was possibly written either by the parents of a boy who wants to stay in Yeshivah, and they are trying to encourage him to leave, or by someone in the CR who has this view (myself included, depending on the situation)?

Look, there is no question that in the ideal world of Yemos Hamoshiach, all men should be able to sit and learn and not worry about parnassah. But THIS is the real world, contrary to what some of you may believe, and in the real world, bills must get paid, parents must take MUTUAL responsibililty for the rearing of their children, and there is a (Torah)life OUTSIDE of the Beis Medrash.

Oh yes, children grow up and have to take charge of their own lives, and let their parents FINALLY relax and reap the benefits of their hard work to provide a Torah life for their children while they were growing up. This next generation is in for a real shock when THEIR kids want to sit in Beis Medrash all day, and there are no financial resources to help them because everyone stopped earning the parnassah that their parents did.

Kfb (why is fried chicken suddenly coming to mind…), if you are sincere, and this is not a set-up (and I aplogize for being chosheid on keshairim, if you are indeed a yeshivah boy asking a legitimate question), then I suggest you figure out a way, as do so many other young men, to COMBINE Torah learning with secular education and preparation for THE REAL WORLD. Everyone who called it the “Oilem Hasheker” means well. Spiritually,they are correct. But their SC (spiritual correctness), much like political correctness, is based on emotion and not on the logical realization that ultimately you must rely on your own resources to make your way ion the world. Parents’ finances are not a never-ending well for children. We have created a generation of young adults who feel a sense of entitlement, and that is AWFUL.

My father and my brothers both learned and worked. My father O”H was an amazing talmid chochom, who gave shiurim, learned on a daily basis, worked hard to provide for his family, and taught that same ethic to all of us. There is no reason why you cannot do the same. Clearly it matters to you, whoever you are. And even if your post was written by someone other than a Yeshivah bochur who genuinely was seeking an asnwer or just as a joke, it resonates strongly, with the idea that our kids need to be the masters of their own souls, and stop thinking mommy and tatty are totally responsible for them at age 25.