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I daven that my husband should learn seriously and that my son should learn seriously all the days of their life. When I read your post, I was speechless. Your parents have the incredible zchus to support their child in the most important occupation and so do you have the zchus to be born into a family that is able to do that … There is nothing out there at all. As a baal teshuva I can tell you that. Everything that you have to learn is exactly where you’re learning it in Yeshiva/kollel. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make a little parnassa doing something not very taxing, but if learning can be your primary occupation, how can you turn it down?? Hashem Yisborach has given you such a gift, please learn to understand it and appreciate it fully. As a parent, I can tell you to PLEASE not feel guilty. Unless your parents are doing slave labor to support your learning — which it doesn’t sound like they are — (and many parents would do slave labor to keep their children in learning)– then I am sure that your parents are very greatful to be able to do it. What, after all, is their money for?? They are supporting Torah… and that is you. Your Torah learning is their reward in this world and the next. Please don’t listen to anyone that tells you otherwise. Going to work or making earning a parnassa your primary concern UNLESS you are forced to (like the rest of us, to an extent), going out there with the goim, with the materialists, etc etc… why?? if you can be immersed in Emes the entire day, that is the absolute greatest. There is a lot more to say on this topic, but here is my 10 cents…