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Gut Voch.


Simply put, studying American law makes me aware of issues that Batei Din have never had to confront,

On that point, I agree. Talmidei chachomim have always discussed how the Torah deals with issues that were not directly addressed by earlier talmidei chachomim.

and possible solutions to old problems that the Beis Din system did not have the experience to implement.

If you mean that because of their larger caseload, the secular courts have something over the poskim, I disagree in the strongest terms. Everything is contained in the Torah. It’s the poskim`s duty, in every generation, to best uncover how the Torah deals with any “new” situation, unaffected by the secular perspective (l’havdil). Good luck, by the way, on your law Review article.


No need for protective gear, I come peacefully.

If your point is simply that some people don’t really have the proper commitment to Torah because they still need their physical pleasures, I agree, but it seems to me that you were arguing for not learning in kollel without extereme wealth.

In other words, I still disagree with your earlier post, but I too am pained by the sad reality expressed in your last post, which exists for some. Yet, many do sacrifice the material for a life dedicated to learning.


Thank you.