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The first time I saw this practice I got very upset. By now, I’m used to it. My pet peeve is -you supposedly want to partake in the simcha, but right after the actual Bris you are running out. It wouldn’t bother me so much if a only a few did it, but I’ve seen most of the people there doing it, barely leaving a Minyan. IMO, the food at the Bris is for people who are going to stay for the Seudah, not for anyone else. If you don’t have the time to stay, either because of work, kollel or whatever, why come in the first place? The Baal Simcha prepares food for how many people plan on being at the Seudah, he doesn’t want to pay for food for a hundred, when actually only ten end up staying. Again, if only a few a people didn’t stay and took food with them, I don’t think this is wrong. But unfortunately nowadays, the trend I’ve seen is most people don’t stay, even when most of the crowd are Yungerleit! How do I know? Because when I go to a bris, I try my utmost to stay to the end.