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We made a chasuna at Tiferes Mordechai about a year and half ago. Was totally satisfied with every aspect, highly recommended. The manager was extremely pleasant to deal with, very much worked with us. because there’s no carpeting around the dance floor, it makes the size very flexible, and they set up the tables to maximize the dance space. Some people don’t like that everything is in one room. We’re not that fancy, and neither are the mechatunim, so no one minded, and they pretty much have the setup routine down to a science so it’s not too uncomfortable after the chuppah. The chossan/kallah room was spacious, there is an elevator, valet parking was extra, but not unreasonable. And the food was just fine – I didn’t get to eat much at our simcha, naturally, but I’ve had it at others, so that’s how I know (my favorite is the squash soup). In fact, when i wanted to order certain dishes, the manager recommended not when he didn’t feel he’d get top (seasonal) quality at that time. Minimum was 180 couples, we may have had slightly less, i’ve been to other simchas there that were closer to 500, and no problem.