Reply To: Half off

Duct Tape

Wow! I was not expecting a hostile response. I have absolutely no affiliation to Living Social, and I get no benefit whatsoever if people use this deal and save money. I only posted this in case there are individuals in the coffee room who shop on or endless frequently and would like to save some money.

I posted the link to make it easier to find if there was an affiliate link it would end off with something like “&amp%3Brui=22190527” Which it clearly doesn’t. Great to know that users of the coffee room are not interested in a great deal, and would rather start a bit of controversy. Nevertheless any silent users who have benefited from this, good for you.

Mods, to make everybody happy if there is a problem you can remove the “/social_share?ref=addthis-share5” from the end of my link, I’m sure it will make bezalel very happy.