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If this is a one family house, it doesn’t necessarily follow the same rules as an apartment building must conform to. I had a roach problem in my (then) apartment on the top floor of a two family house) about 25 years ago. my landlords did not bring in an exterminator, and it is most probable that the roach problem originated in their apartment. They used to keep paper shopping bags from the local supermarket, and I believe the egss were in those bags, and hatched. They also painted their apartment, so everything came up to us. I had never had a roach problem prior to this.

In any event, I put out about a dozen roach motels all over the place, and also sprinkled Boric Acid along the walls, especially in the kitchen and bathroom (please note: if you have small kids, BA is toxic). The problem disappeared within a week, but I couldn’t function in my apartment,as I was so grossed out. I totally empathize with you.