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This is outrageous. This is Yeshiva WN, not Modern- matir everything wildly-WN. It would take me half a day to answer all the shvere kulos over here.SJSin, there are those who claim RambaM ALLOWED BEATING ONE’S WIFE. Like that?

Rabbiof, it is good to melamed zechus but not by being oker Halocha!!!

Yitay!! Most Poskim hold it does not depend on the minhag ha’mokom. And this opinion does not fit the reality — even if ladies in a certain place wear very open clothing, a man does not get used to it. Whom are we kidding??

Trumas Hadeshen, means that covering all hair is derabbonon, but the ikar covering is de’Oraysa. (Chofets Chaim writes it’s de’Oraysa).

Plus, all these ba’ALEI AVEIROS DON’T HAVE ALL THESE heterim in mind. They do it because of ta’avos.

Bekitsur, why don’t you go and open the