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Your clothing (unless the clothing is a religious article) does not make you any more or less religious. Your performance of the mitzvos (and the degree to which you perform them) makes you more or less religious. To my understanding, there is no mitzva in the Torah to wear Jeans, not wear Jeans, wear a streimel, a kapata, to not wear them, etc. As such, whether or not you wear these objects does not make you more or less religious.

Certain groups may have varying customs with regard to dress, but that’s a separate issue — no one would argue that the yeshivish crowd is “less religious” than the chassidic crowd because they wear different clothing, right? You might infer membership in a group based on clothing, but it does not (and cannot) identify your degree of religiousness.

Personally, I think we’ve all become spoiled in this regard living in modern (no pun intended) urban settings and largely holding office jobs. I’d bet dollars to donuts that when we held largely agricultural and craft jobs, we wore the cultural equivalent of jeans day in and day out — no matter how religious you were.

The Wolf