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At home bubbie

greatmom is right- I find the constant phone ringing to be very annoying- one call from an organization is Ok, but its never just one and with some of these computer calls if you don’t pick up- they just keep trying until you do- Sometimes the answering machine or voicemail gets totally clogged up from these calls. Computer calls are annoying, but talking to the telemarketers is even more frustrationg- they won’t take NO for an answer. We help our kids with tuition and have very little funds left for general tzedaka- I wish we had more, but if you are told that this year its not possible to give- say thenk you for your time and STOP ARGUING- I just hang up on these people and refuse to even have them send an envelope for the future. Ten dollars may not seem like a lot to you, but for some people its just not possible.