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observanteen, You have to RESPECT another person’s right to make choices whether you like the choices they make or not. So if HE chooses to be mechalel Shabbos that is HIS choice and it is between HIM and Hashem and they will have to work it out together. He is still Rikki’s brother whether he is shomer shabbos or not. AND her lover for her brother does NOT go away because he has sinned. Guess what? Hashem does NOT stop loving US because we sin!!! He still loves us and still keeps his arms open awaiting for us to return to him betshuva! HE never turns his back on us.

I feel sorry for you that you were not strong enough in your own relationship with Hashem and that your friend was able to confuse you. Honestly, those kids who are in pain and going OTD are not looking to take anyone with them. Those who are already off, will help others in pain. If YOU argue with them or try to prove them wrong they will fight you hard. That is probably where YOU faltered. Not everyone can work with OTD kids because not everyone knows how to reach them. And if you don’t know what to do, you will hurt them more and they will do their best to hurt you back. That is probably what happened to you. That is why those who do not understand the parsha are rarely successful dealing with the parsha.

You have a problem with sinning and you should and you should be very careful not to. However you have no right to judge someone who is going through a nisayon because you have no clue what kind of pain they are in nor why. Did your friend tell you why they were doing what they were doing? Do you know why your friend went OTD? Did she tell you what happened to her that she went “sour”? You have no clue what is going on with Rikki’s brother so please don’t judge him either. And you are not in a position to advise Rikki either. None of us know his story.