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yossi z.

This is a bit backwards (as in I am happy it DIDN’T work out) but here is the story:

Being that I never had a shidduch suggested before nor did I have any sort of talk, when the first shidduch came up things were being done all wrong (I was getting personally involved and didn’t tell everyone that I was supposed to). After a bit (couple of weeks) I had a feeling something wasn’t right and I spoke it over with someone and boy was I in for a shock! Once I was explained to how things were supposed to be done I called the shadchan very nervously (she is a close friend of my family and she was suggesting her cousin so I didn’t want any hard feelings going down) to see where/if things had advanced to see how complicated it would be to have at least a pause if not a full stop put to everything so I could restart the proper way. Turns out the girl was busy anyway so no hard feelings and I get to start again this time properly.

😀 yossi 😀