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There are a variety of camps to choose from. Depending on age and need, find out where his friends from Yeshiva and Shul are going and what his yeshiva recommends. It is important that he go with someone he knows especially if he is not starting out in the lower bunks.

Once you have made your decision make sure you have a serious and honest discussion with your child about his own personal safety and not allowing anyone (even in a teasing fashion) to touch him inappropriately. This can happen from counselors, swim instructors, other boys all the way up to Rebbeim and Administration. Make sure you explain what his own daled amos are and how no one is allowed to invade his own space and if he feels uncomfortable in any way he should call you to discuss it with you no matter what. Never keep secrets from you. Also keep in mind that nurses are mandatory reporters so if there is ever a problem the nurse is the first area of protection.

Obviously this discussion needs to take place with children whether they go to sleep away camp or not. AND please understand that I am not making these statements to change this thread to a discussion on molestation, I am not and I don’t want to discuss the issue here. I just want to make a first time camp parent aware of what is necessary and important along with looking for the best possible “fit” for his/her child.