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100 would go to same hospital and tehir experience would be so different. thread is much too general. what are we rating? surgery skills? nursing staff? admin?

someone in my family had a major surgery in a good hospital in NYC

1. Surgeon was selected with Rabbi B – Paid privatly, was skillful and professional – would be rated A

2. Follow up care – couldnt ever see or speak with a doctor, instead had a PA who wasnt too knowledgable, and said she could get all answers, which clearly were not helpful, so rated D

3. Staff in OR – told me another frum patient once died there, while I was waiting in holding area – F, need to complain, didnt know where to complain so didnt so far, but beyond horrible

4. Bikur Cholim room – amazing, cant thank them enough A+++

5. roomate – Horrible. one was yelling all night and didnt allow for patient sleep till I got staff to move her out – lost most of night, next roommate had 100 visitors, loud, every minute. When I asked in nursing why they allow to violate policy, they said patietn was a hospital worker, couldnt enforce it with.

6. nurses refused to bath patient who was at hospital for 4 weeks, saying if they have time at end of shift. really didnt feel like it, and never had time, despite repeating requests from patient, and said showers use in hospital are prohibited for health reasons. I can go on and on.

OK, So overall, how would you rate place?

So all rating above, if you rated hospital is good b/c of a good Bikur Cholim staff – arent you oversimplified??