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No I have Tmobile. I have $49.99 unlimited talk, thats cheaper than the minute plans, for 400 minutes you need to pay 59 or 65 not usre, the $49 is loyalty pricing. If anyone of you ppl has Tmobile, call them if youv’e been with them for lets say 2 years, and ask for the loyalty pricing. You should be able to get unlimited for $49.99 , i just got a free blackberry from them, but the problem is web costs 30 bucks a month unlimited, and $15 for 200 beta or mega, not sure what she was saying. Anyway since im ” loyal” lol, they gave it to me for $20 dollars unlimited web.

All you need to do is ask and tell them that you want cheaper pricing or you will go to metro pcs.I still think this is tons of money, were talking almost $1000 dollars a year! thats like 6 Florida trips, or one trip to EY.