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Daas Yochid- What you are saying is not so pashut. First of all, you made an assumption that the same halacha that applies to fake milk applies to fake meat. While I agree there is no reason to differentiate, when it comes to halachos of maris ayin, poskim are generally very hesitant to extend it more than is actually written, especialy a case like this where the whole maris ayin is iffy to begin with.

The Rama himself in Toras Chatas (klal 62 seif 8) did not hold of the maris ayin unless they were actually cooked together. The Plaisi (siman 87 seif katan 7) was very strong against this chumra. The knesses hagdolah (siman 87 hagahos beis yosef os 8) also seems not to hold of it.

Obviously, one should consult with their rav before eating pepperoni pizza (my rav allows it btw), but i think its pretty clear that there is who to rely on.