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@ Daas. Why not? why do you need hersheys twillzers any more than someone else needs a subway grilled chicken sub? why do you have no hashkafic issue with sticking a chassidishe hashgacha onto a package of hersheys candy and not a subway restaurant? certainly it is more cost effective to utilize a process that also conforms to a standard of hechsher that you want and is why the heimishe companies dont start their own plant to make twizzlers. the same logic is applied to a franchise (bulk buying, marketing funds made available, low cost startup loans etc). the food is unquestionably kosher (in our discussion) at the subway restaurant. what is the hashkafic issue? please elaborate? when you do, please explain why twizzlers candy, mike and ikes candies, malt o meal cereals, and the myriad other “sticker” products are different.