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My appointment with MY doc in NY when I was home a few weeks ago was cancelled because of the bad weather. I won’t be back till the first week in March. I was just recently diagnosed. I will tell you an interesting story. I don’t know how many people who are diagnosed take this seriously.

I went for endoscopy just a day after getting these results so just as an aside I told the anesthesiologist, “BTW, I just found out I have sleep apnea”. He didn’t seem concerned by said it was good I told him and he would keep and eye. I also repeated it to my Doctor.

When I woke up, I asked the anesthesiologist if there was any sign of sleep apnea, he said “Yeah you stopped breathing and we had to lower your dosage” I though he was teasing me so when the doctor came in I asked him as well. He said “It is a good thing you told us because you started to go sour and stop breathing we had to lessen the anesthesia to bring you back up”. I was really shocked.