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I tend to disagree with asking grandparents for money. Once the child is grown up and has his/her own family they are responsible for their own family. If the grandparent want to help out, either with paying tuition or taking the family on vacation, then that is the grandparents will and the tuition committee should not chase after them asking for money. Except for pure donations.

Agreed. And even pure donations should not be solicited strongly.

If you want to reject the tuition assistance since the Father/Mother of the child have no fiscal responsibility (i.e. have a seven figure home but have no idea on how to create an income to support such a lifestyle) then I agree. But if you are rejecting the family due to the fact they were born rich and have generous parents, even though they themselves are poor, I think is just plain wrong.

Once again agreed (surprise). Depending on what the “generous parents” are providing, the school has the choice not to offer a scholarship as well, to “force the hand” of the parents.

In addition, if the family is “cash poor”, a system should be set up to transfer equity to the school, instead of an outright scholarship.