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Here is how to get the $2 car pool rate on any Port Authority Bridge or Tunnel (Kids and Babies DO Count as people)

Carpooling is both eco-conscious and the most economical way to travel.

The Port Authority Carpool Plan provides the largest toll discount at the Port Authority bridges and tunnels. By carpooling, you save the most money and reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

* The toll for Port Authority Carpool customers is $2 per vehicle at all hours.

* You must have an E-ZPass account and you must register for the Port Authority Carpool Discount Plan.

* To register for the Carpool Plan, call 800-333-8655 (New York Service Center) or 888-288-6865 (New Jersey Service Center). Be sure to have your account number or tag number and PIN for account access.

* Three or more people must be in a vehicle to be eligible for the discount (no commercial vehicles qualify).

* Customers must use a staffed “Cash-E-ZPass” toll lane and come to a complete stop so the toll collector can verify the number of occupants in the vehicle.