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I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but it might be k’dai to save the “stuffing paper” that dry cleaners put inside clothing. Use the paper to wrap fragile items in, or to fill empty spaces in boxes so items don’t rattle around inside.

I once read in Horizons magazine, by author Miriam Green, that seforim should be packed in the kind of boxes that seforim come in; see if your local seforim store can be of help.

If you’re doing a BIG move, consider doing the move in two shifts. One of my relatives did that. Movers came one day, did one shift, and second shift was next day.

Word of caution! Refrigerators do NOT take kindly to being moved. Make sure the fridge remains upright the entire time. I imagine the same is true for an upright freezer. The same relative mentioned above had to get a new fridge after a previous move. True, it could be that the fridge wasn’t good anymore anyway, but don’t take a chance . . .