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@Middle Path,

actually Dextar Holland uses RG’s mostly. Personally all of the great “lead players” kind of bore me. Music is more about the song as a whole rather than one guy taking a 3 minute solo with sweeping arpeggios.

Its sad you dont get to play live ever, if I couldnt play live I dont think I would even play anymore. The cool thing about the Synyster model is that if he were on tour and broke his, he could walk into any guitar center and pick one up off the wall and its the exact same specifications. On a lot of different signature models its just the same paint job but none of the same electronics. I have a lot of respect for companies like that.

and if you would only use pedals live, then kal v’chomer you would use them on a recording which needs to sound perfect rather than be at the mercy of some factory preset effects!