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“I’ll give one example -J. Pollard -1. Gov. reneging on their plea bargain for no apparent reason.”

Wrong. There was a very good reason: Pollard and his then-wife reneged on THEIR part of the plea agreement by giving interviews to the media without permission. The judge was furious and threw the book at them.

” 2. No spy who got caught spying for a friendly country ever got such a harsh sentence in the good ole USA!”

Wrong again. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed after being convicted of spying for a then-ally. (And Ethel was probably innocent of the charges.)

“I have many examples, including the way I was treated in court.

So unless there is another reason to pay your taxes other than Dina Dmachulsa Dina or that poster is incorrect about treating e/o equally regarding D.M.D., why should you, if you’re not afraid of getting caught? And this would go on lying on Gov. applications also. It’s not stealing because they give out the money anyway, it’s just not following their guidelines which only would be not keeping D.M.D., if D.M.D. applied! This isn’t a Psak Halacha, just looking for opinions.”

I sat on a federal grand jury last fall and voted to indict someone for lying on an application for government benefits. I did not take into consideration whether that liar and thief was a Jew. There is no extra religious tax here, and both Jews and non-Jews get prosecuted for tax fraud. The United States has treated more Jews fairly than any country in the history of the world. Your ingratitude is a chilul HaShem.