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“Why do you think they were treated differently than other spies? Why do you think they executed at least one, perhaps two innocent people?”

The answer is because of right wing insanity such as is seen today in YWN comment forums. I brought up the Rosenbergs to counter the false statement that nobody had ever gotten as severe a sentence as Jonathan Pollard for spying for an ally.

“If they treat Jews differently, even if it’s not all the time, they don’t have the Din of D.M.D.!”

The Rosenbergs were given a penalty prescribed by law. They had a fair trial. Ethel probably could have saved herself with any kind of reasonable defense. As pointed out by another commenter, his brother cut a deal.

“Actually it’s not. People who treat Jews differently are making the Chillul and Bizoyin of Hashem.”

Go find a country where Jews are treated better. You won’t find one. If D.M.D. doesn’t apply in the US, it doesn’t apply anywhere.

‘And I have this ingratitude after the Judge laughed off my discrimination case.’

Frankly, I would be happy if the courts would be tougher on business on religious accomodation cases. But the past generation the courts have been packed with judges who don’t care. Unfortunately the last President who actually tried to fight this tendency was Jimmy Carter. Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes actively tried to pack the courts with judges who would not second guess business decisions. And despite the lies that people promote here, Clinton and Obama did not try to balance this. And the Corporate Interests who now control the Republican party have fought tooth and nail attempts to get stronger protections written explicitly in the statute.